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Best Foods Poultry & Livestock is a leading name in the live stock and poultry processing industry in Nigeria. The company is in the forefront of providing quality and affordable livestock and poultry products.

We are situated on a 6 acre farm with a modern abattoir, cattle lairage, poultry and fish tank/farm. We handle our production from scratch to finish benchmarking against best global practices.

We have identified the pervading problems of generally poor hygienic standards in major butcheries. This coupled with consumer ignorance about the potential hazards engendered by these poor hygienic practices inspired in us the vision of establishing and entrenching quality processes and procedures in livestock and seafood processes.

Best Foods Poultry & Livestock adopts a wholesome approach to livestock and poultry processing by ensuring our products are healthy for consumption, through proper slaughtering practices, and observing the best preservation methods to ensure product quality is at optimum, at all times.





To be the leading provider of quality meat products in Nigeria.




To maintain a strict quality standard of production by ensuring our foundation is supported by a highly-trained staff base to meet up with International Standards.




Our founding philosophy is producing clean and hygienic meat products and that is why we apply the “Quality First” principle in all our operations.