Bestfoods Poultry & Livestock as well as Eko Farmers Mart runs an on premise shop, where our products can be found.


Best Foods Group operates a delivery service, which takes the stress off our customers.
How does it work? Simply call and place your order and we’ll deliver to your doorstep in no time. (Terms & Conditions apply)


Best Foods Livestock & Poultry operates a modern abattoir, bench marking against best global practices.
We undertake commercial slaughtering for corporate clients and individuals, taking the stress off the complexities that are associated with slaughtering.
We have a vast array of livestock, pork, seafood and poultry products that are not only guaranteed to meet your culinary expectations, but come at unbeatable bargains as well.


Best Foods Fresh Farms leases out bulldozers and tractors to other farms and plantations at pocket friendly prices.