3 of the Best Ways To be able to Reheat Rotisserie Chicken breast (With Pictures! )

When you’re in a new pinch but seldom want something oily, rotisserie chicken quickly makes a enchanting dinner. They’re easily available at most food stores, with a new couple of microwavable sides, food could be available inside under 20 mins! But unless youre feeding a complete group of four (or more), leftover chicken breast find yourself back inside your fridge.

What’s the best approach to reheat this specific leftover chicken?

Leftover meats are challenging to reheat. They generally dry out, come to be overcooked, or basically lose their flavour. In fact , I am aware several friends who else refuse to take in leftover meats since they can’t endure what happens regarding the microwave. There are several sites who claims to know the finest ways to reheat leftover chicken, nevertheless I found of which many lacked thing to consider for one (or more) of typically the following: flavor, moment, and energy.

Luckily, Ill let you know how to be able to reheat rotisserie chicken breast in causes techniques that don’t give up any of typically the flavor and consider very little moment or effort in your part! I used over 8 other ways, and combined the most effective methods into these kinds of three options.

Here’s the breakdown:

Overall Taste

When To Use

Oven (20 Minutes)

Moist as well as Fresh!


Stovetop (7 Minutes)


Small Amounts

Microwave (1 Minute)

Hot & Delicious!

When time is usually precious.

Please be aware that you need to be able to follow my methods below to obtain these kinds of results! Certain methods are important inside each of typically the methods, and I will make sure an individual don’t miss anything at all.

So, keep studying if you need to know the dimensions of the about three truly good ways to reheat your leftover rotisserie chicken.

Oven Reheating

Best For: Overall Flavor Total Time Necessary: 20 Minutes Overall Rating: A

Although this specific may not appear to be the best approach based on moment, it is typically the best way to be able to reheat rotisserie chicken breast for flavor. As well as, it doesn’t demand much active hard work in your part. Sense free to relax and stream a great episode of a single of your respective favorite Netflix shows while typically the oven does just about all the work!

How to Reheat Rotisserie Chicken In Typically the Oven:

1. Preset the your oven to be able to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (f).

2. Place your current leftover portions regarding rotisserie chicken (or the entire bird) in a high-sided baking dish.

3. Add 2-3 glasses of chicken broth or stock to be able to the baking plate. Try to have got around ¼ ” of broth around the chicken. Dependent on the level of chicken and typically the scale your plate, this could require even more or less liquefied.

4. Cover typically the dish and spot inside the oven. When your dish does not have a include, simply use light weight aluminum foil. Whatever an individual do, do not skip this task!

5. Reheat the rotisserie chicken inside the cooker until the liquefied is bubbling plus the chicken is warmed up all the approach through. This need to take around 15 minutes depending about how much various meats you’re reheating.

6. Using your cooker mitts, remove typically the cover. Continue food preparation for another approximately for five minutes.

7. Wear your oven hand protection once again to be able to remove the preparing dish through the cooker. Let the chicken breast cool for a new couple minutes, and then set the stand and luxuriate in!

What Not necessarily To Do:
  • Several sites suggested enabling the chicken stay out for upwards to thirty minutes (or at least even though the oven preheated) just before reheating. I tried out this, plus I actually truthfully can’t advise this. If anything, this particular seemed to dried out the chicken away before it actually started cooking. Not really to mention, who would like to spend that a lot more time waiting around for dinner?
  • The original site exactly where I found the particular above directions did not specify to protect the particular chicken although it cooked. I can guarantee you, leaving that will chicken uncovered with regard to 30 minutes within an oven roaring at 400+ levels isn’t wise. Certain, your skin will certainly crisp up perfectly, but your meats will dry away and lose almost all of the taste. That just simply leaves you with the dry, bland item of meat on your teeth. Follow my guidance and cover that will bird!
  • Many websites simply suggest covering the leftovers within foil and cooking for 20-30 moments. While this switched out alright, We found that including the liquid do enhance the taste as well as the moisture associated with the chicken. In addition, those uncovered couple of minutes at the particular end really crisped up the pores and skin!
End Result:

This reheating method remaining the chicken probably the most flavorful and damp by far! We also loved exactly how the skin has been crispy, but not really hard. I concerned that this chicken broth would add as well much salt in order to the meat, however it simply enhanced the taste of the rotisserie-style cooking.

Aspect associated with Chicken










Overall, I extremely recommend this technique in case you can extra time. Since this doesn’t require continuous watching or some kind of switching while in the particular oven, you may use that period to accomplish a little chore, call somebody, or even simply watch an show of the favorite display. Keep in mind that, this technique is really worth the toruble!

Stovetop Reheating

Best Pertaining to: Reheating Smaller Portions Total Time Needed: 5-7 Minutes Overall Ranking: B+

This fast plus simple technique is the particular great way within in an attempt to warm-up little items! It’s furthermore excellent if a person are planning in order to toss the leftover poultry onto the greens or some other meal.

How in order to Reheat Rotisserie Poultry Upon The Stove:

1. Shred your own remaining chicken in to bite-sized pieces.

2. Warmth 1 in order to a few tsps of veggie or even canola essential essential oil inside a frying pan or even skillet over medium-high heat.

3. As soon as the skillet plus oil are very hot, stir within the items of chicken. After that, cook for four to 5 moments. Keep stirring the particular meat with tongs or perhaps a spatula because it reheats.

4. Once the poultry reaches an ideal temperature, cut away the heat. Take away the chicken from the particular pan and take pleasure in!

What To refrain from giving:
  • Do not add as well much oil! The particular less, the much better. A lot of oil will certainly not only trigger the chicken in order to taste like cooking food oil, nevertheless this might also overcook the particular meat.

  • Do not really leave typically the particular pan unattended! Whenever i state maintain stirring, After almost all it. If usually the chicken rests inside one area for also lengthy, it may begin crisping in inclusion to overcooking. Believe in myself, it isn’t really tasty.

End Result:

This method was ideal for smaller items regarding chicken. We concluded up putting typically the warmed chicken on the salad, along with this tasted fantastic! We wouldn’t advise this particular for reheating the large sum associated with chicken, even although. I also will never recommend it when you wish to be capable to eat the particular chicken breast simple as that will maintain several associated with the essential olive oil.

Aspect of Chicken










My primary issue along with this particular method is generally that this chicken doesn’t remain as damp or maybe flavorful because I want. We in person experienced that typically the particular oven and tiny wave methods carried out much better. However , this particular is very efficient for reheating little pieces to become able to throw on a new salad.

Microwave Reheating

Best With regard to: Time Conserving! Total Moment Needed: 1 Second! Overall Score: A-

Obviously, we just regarding all need the speedy reheat technique. Microwaves save all of us significant time whenever that comes in order to warming up meals. This approach gladly surprised me, given that I assumed usually the microwave might destroy everything. Works, this specific technique is merely because good since the particular stovetop (if not really better)!

How in order to Reheat Rotisserie Poultry In Typically the particular Microwave:

1. Obtain rid of remaining chicken coming through the fridge along with place in the new microwave secure pot.

2. Microwave about high with regard to 35 seconds in order to at least 1 second.

3. Research for cool places. If continue in order to not heated completely, throw in another thirty seconds in order to one minute.

4. As soon as heated in order to your own liking, eliminate through microwave along with take pleasure in!

It’s basic, yet make sure a person study the “what never to dos” beneath since there are a couple of faults it is possible to create.

What Certainly not In order to Do:
  • Don’t trouble covering typically the particular chicken with the new paper soft towel or perhaps any kind of other foolish products. Several websites recommended this, nonetheless it didn’t help whatsoever.
  • Do not alllow for several mins on the decreased setting! Several web sites also recommended microwaving for regarding 5 mins upon 70% strength. We tried this particular, and my poultry breast ended upward dry up and dull. Not to mention, I lost more hours waiting with regard to that to warmth upwards.
  • Do not really put any dampness to be capable to the microwave! I actually attempted adding normal drinking water in several different methods, enabling me inform an individual: this did not assist. All of the it do have been make pores and skin unpleasant plus the particular chicken merely because dry since any kind of other micro influx method. So, rarely listen to practically any sites that will explain to a person to include humidity in order to the micro influx through a cup or something regarding the chicken. That will doesn’t help.
End Result:

Not just does this strategy run circles throughout the rest when that will comes to instant required, it similarly rocks at preserving the taste! I experienced been impressed with the total reheating high quality regarding this technique.

Aspect of Chicken










If youre hankering in order to take in immediately, this is generally the method of match your needs! Remarkably enough, the flavor and moisture had been not impacted because very much because I think. Given that long being an person heat it within small intervals within addition to examine, you’ll locate the particular magic moment that will cooks most of the chicken without blow blow drying it out.

Other Approaches to Recycle That Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

If you want to mix things up recover remaining rotisserie chicken, I really found some wonderful recipes through delish. com. Not basically did they suggest some terrific casseroles besides soups, nevertheless they may also got awesome ideas just like nachos, too! Thus seldom feel as if a great individual need to be able to take inside the left over chicken breast as-is; try several daring recipes of which often take full border in the outstanding in addition to spice upwards typically the dinner stand.

So, what’s typically typically the final verdict?

If you can free of charge that you simply chance to be able to preserve most of the flavour, the cooker approach rocks! Combined with this specific approach, I in fact barely noticed a great improvement involving the reheated chicken and generally the original chicken breast typically the evening before. Regarding people who generally usually are requiring time, generally the particular microwave approach works wonders, also.

The biggest factor We actually identified has been there are often a number of variations regarding every and every solitary method online, within addition to many associated with those basically do not work successfully. Whenever you’re seeking concerning fully-tested procedures, these kinds regarding will become the right strategy to move.

Next time youre wanting to burn upwards that will leftover rotisserie poultry, give a brand new single of these types of kinds of strategies a fresh attempt. You will not obtain disappointed!

Photo simply by simply Alison Marras about Unsplash