Can I delete my MyLife account?

Can you get your information removed from MyLife?

by Email How to Remove Your Information From by Email. Send your request to [email protected] You may create a new email account to make this request. Make sure you include your URL in the email so that your information can be removed from the site.

How does MyLife have my info?

Each individual is assigned a “MyLife Public Page” by MyLife, which gathers public records and other sources to create a “MyLife Public Page” for each person. … According to MyLife, it generates public background data on over 325 million people. Public pages can be updated or deleted using email/phone requests without charge.

Is MyLife a reputable company?

The complaint alleges that is a fraud that begins with a bogus appeal informing potential victims that someone is searching for them, and they may figure out who it is by paying a small fee. The suit claims that users are not conscious of the long-term subscription agreements they sign up for as a result of this.

Can someone tell if you looked them up on MyLife?

The MyLife website refuses to give you any information, photos, or profiles of individuals in its directory. According to the service, you can also discover who is looking for you and what sites your contacts are visiting. It’s unclear whether your pals are aware they’re giving their online history away.

Is there a class action lawsuit against MyLife com?

A class-action lawsuit was filed against the firm in September 2019 by a person who claims that MyLife sends unsolicited mass solicitations stating that “someone” is looking for them on the internet, and then charges a fee to do so.