Can I unlink my YouTube and Google accounts?

How do I remove my YouTube account from Google?

To delete the Youtube channel, do these steps:

*in YouTube Studio, select Settings from the left sidebar.

*select Channel Advanced Options.

*scroll to Bottom and select Delete Channel.

*select Permanently Remove Your Content. *scroll to I want to permanently delete my content in Videos; Videos uploaded and that have been viewed

*check all boxes under The following videos can be deleted on your computer screen and then click Save Changes

Are my YouTube and Gmail accounts linked?

Change your YouTube email if you use an outside account for your Google services.

How do I unlink a YouTube account?

To unlink a channel, click the channel in the left-hand navigation pane of the Video Manager. Next, check and uncheck any channels that you no longer wish to follow from the Actions list.

How do I remove my Google account from my mobile YouTube?

Make sure you are in the Settings tab and go to Accounts > Edit. Then from this screen, tap on the account you want to delete, click Remove Account (near bottom).

Do you need a Gmail account for YouTube?

You’ll need a Google Account to sign in to YouTube. If you’ve used Google before, your account is probably ready and waiting for you!