Can LYFT reactivate your account?

Can you get your LYFT account reactivated?

If your car has become too old to use, Lyft will deactivate you. To fix this issue, simply get a newer vehicle to drive and update the information after adding it to your account. Once you have done that, they’ll be able to reactivate you.

How do I recover my LYFT account?

Open Lyft on your mobile app.

Tap ‘Get Started’ and then sign in with the email address you signed up for Lyft with.

On the confirmation screen, select ‘YES-Already have a new phone number.’ Input your recovery code to finish signing in to your account using this device (it should be the same as what is listed under Section B).

Can I use LYFT for deactivating my account?

Drivers who are deactivated from the Lyft platform for a permitted reason have the opportunity to challenge such decisions, though they must do so at their own expense.