Can we delete Ola ride history?

How do I delete my Uber ride history?

Tap Delete after tapping the name of the ride in the queue. Select Ride history from the menu. Locate and delete any ride you wish to remove. To remove it, tap Delete at the bottom of the screen.

Can I delete my Ola account?

The process of creating an Ola account takes just a few seconds, but the firm does not allow users to delete their accounts. That’s correct! You will not be able to cancel or deactivate your Ola account. … Even if you block your Ola account, no one will be able to use the same phone number and email address again

How can I check my Ola trip history?

You may look up your transaction history in the Ola App or the Ola Money app. Go to the menu in the Olla App and select Ola Money, then wallet balance; on that page, you can discover your transaction history.

How do I delete saved places on Ola app?

Tap the menu icon in the app. Tap “Settings” to get started. Scroll down and select “More Saved Places.” Tap the “X” next to the place you’d like removed.Select “Delete Saved Place.”

How can I delete my email from Ola?

To update your email address, go to Step 3. Select Manage Profile from the More drop-down menu. Go to Step 3 to change your email address. Click on Personal Information in the left column to reveal it. To modify your email address, click Edit Email in the left column and then follow the instructions that appear below it.