Can you have more than one golf clash account?

You do not have to assign one recovery option for your account. You can secure your Golf Clash account through a variety of options, including an email address and a Facebook profile.


Can you play Golf Clash on multiple devices?

To reconnect to your account with a different device, open the in-game settings on that new device. Choose “Secure my account” from the options, then enter a new email or phone number until you’ve successfully linked it to your username.

Can I reset my Golf Clash account?

To recover a Golf Clash account, simply select the settings button in the top left-hand side of an individual’s main menu screen. Once you are on this page, tap the ‘Recover existing profile’ button.

How do I transfer my Golf Clash account?

To keep your Golf Clash account secure, open the in-game settings menu and select the “Secure your account” option.

Download and install the Golf Clash app on your new device.

Complete the tutorial before playing.