Can you still migrate the Warframe account to switch?

Can I transfer my PS4 Warframe account to switch?

Warframe players, rejoice: Cross-play and cross-save functionality are now in development. … You’ll be able to form a squad with your friends regardless of what platform they’re using, and play the same Warframe account on every platform and continue your journey wherever you’d like.

Can I play my Warframe account from switch to PC?

As far as I know, you can’t. You’ll be able to replicate your PC account to the Switch, but they will go forward independently of one another from there on out.

How do I transfer my Warframe account?

Log in to To access the Account Management page, go to and click “Account Migration.” Confirm the one-time move by entering your password.

Will Warframe ever be cross-platform?

Yes, even with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, ‘Warframe’ will have crossplay and cross-save. When the New War expansion launches later this year, Warframe will offer full crossplay and cross-saving across every platform. That’s PC, Xbox One, Switch, and yes, even PS4.

Can you cross-save on Warframe?

When will Warframe have crossplay? While gamers have awaited this functionality to be implemented within the game, Digital Extremes announced during TennoCon 2021 that crossplay and cross-save would be coming later this year with a future update.