Can you use venmo without a phone?

  1. To use Venmo to the fullest, you should verify your phone number and email address as soon as you sign up.
  2. Without a verified phone account, transfer funds to your bank or send/request payments are unavailable.


Is venmo only for phones?

If you live in the United States, have a U.S. based bank account and phone number, and can send and receive texts from short codes, then Venmo is for you!

Can you log into venmo on a computer?

Currently, Venmo is available only for U.S. citizens and works with only dollars.

Can you use venmo as a guest?

To make payments using the Venmo app, you can simply tap on it while logged into your account. You’ll see your Venmo balance or backup bank account for convenience if needed.

How do I access my old venmo account?

If you need to reset your password, click the ‘Forgot Password?’ option.

Enter your phone number or email address – this will allow you to reset it using a link in an email or text message.

Create a new powerful password – do not reuse an old one, and make sure it is unique for every service as well.

Why you shouldn’t use venmo?

Venmo was originally built as a peer-to-peer payment app, so it’s not ideal for business transactions. Instead, there are separate personal and merchant accounts. Personal accounts don’t track payments for tax purposes.