Did they block me or deactivate Instagram?

Did they deactivate or block me Instagram?

Look for group messages that you both have in common to see whether the individual’s name shows up. If you can still view them as a member of the group but not anywhere else, they’ve blocked you.

What is the difference between deactivating and blocking on Instagram?

When you deactivate your account, it’s like closing it. Your account is still active and usable; you just don’t have access to certain features. You break the connection between you and a certain Instagram user by blocking them.

Can you tell the difference between being blocked and account deactivated?

You may know it’s the former if you look for them on your friends list. Their profile will still be accessible even if they’ve deactivated their account. It’s not pleasant to find out that someone has blocked you from their online community, but it’s critical to respect and accept their decision to sever ties with you.

Can someone block me on Instagram if I deactivate my account?

A deactivated account is not blocked or followed. To block someone, go to their profile. However, if that person’s profile has been deleted, no one can visit it and prevent you from blocking them. As a result, either you were removed before activation or shortly after reactivation

Who blocked me in Instagram?

You may learn whether someone has blocked you on Instagram by looking for their account. You may have been banned if you can’t discover their account or see the profile picture. If someone blocks you on Instagram, there is no notification system in place, so you won’t be informed if this happens.