How can I change my Viber account on PC?

How can I use two Viber account on my PC?

As an administrator, sign in to your Microsoft account. Change accounts so that you’re logged into a Windows user account.

How do I log into another Viber account?

Install the Clone App on your Android. If you don’t have Clone App installed on your phone, go to its Play Store page and download it. … Use two Viber accounts.

How can I activate Viber on my PC without a phone?

Download the Windows version of Viber for Desktop. Once you’ve downloaded the file, click on it (at the bottom of your screen) to open Viber. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to install Viber. … You may be asked to verify that you’re downloading from a trustworthy site: Click Yes.

How do I put Viber on my desktop?

Go to, and then fill out the information as follows: Check the box and click Continue. Continue. Done Go to, sign up for a new account, and fill in your details as follows: For those who have an.

Can I open my Viber on two phones?

Your Viber ID is the phone number for your phone, just as you can only have one phone number per device.