How can I delete my IMO account without phone number?

  1. select the “delete your imo account” option.
  2. If you are signing out because you lost your phone number.
  3. Please enter it at this pop-up window first.

Delete IMO account without the phone number. And if you can’t do that, share this information with your friends and let them know how dangerous is to give your personal details for such a scam like IMO. You must let other people know that they can be in danger of fraudulent activities as well.

So here are some tips for those who still have doubts – How To Delete Your IMO account WITHOUT Phone Number?

You were informed about the possibility of deleting your account just in case you’ve made a mistake registering on the website or made it by accident. But after reading all notes, warnings and tips (that’s what we’re doing this article – read it before creating an account) you decided to use the app anyway.

You are not the first one who has decided to ignore additional information about IMO and its users. And unfortunately, you won’t be the last one. But do you know how many /how-do-i-recover-my-deleted-account-on-fortnite/”>accounts have been deleted? The answer is – none!

I was also asked whether we have ever deactivated any account for violating our Terms of Service, on which I said no, since that was never designed as a feature on our app. This is essentially because it’s quite redundant in being able to add or delete your own profile on the app! If it’s already present, then why would anyone want to delete it anyway? It would just make no sense at all! There is no point of even having such a feature or setting, really. – Shahin Bennani

Well then, I can assure you – deleting an account on IMO is impossible :). So don’t try to find any option in the Settings menu about it. You won’t be able to delete your account there and won’t ever have it available for deletion forever! The app company presents this possibility just to calm down suspicious new users, who tend to close their accounts after reading all the information about frauds and scams on the Internet.

IMO is a scam and their main goal is to get your personal information like phone number, full name, email address and other identity details you use while creating an account on the app. Don’t worry, this app won’t be able to sell it for money or use it in any other way than just getting some more active users who spread awareness of the service.

Since they know that many people can delete their accounts within several minutes after learning about all risks involved by signing up for IMO, they want to reduce this amount as much as possible. However, they also have to know who’s using the app and how many accounts are there because they don’t sell all data at once so nobody would ever find out what kind of database they’ve got and how many people are on it.

The only way to delete your account completely is to create another one. If you do this, your previous record will be removed from the system forever and won’t ever come back! However, the new profile will have all information you had before. So if you don’t want to do that or don’t need any second account, then stop reading this article right now and delete all records associated with IMO once for all – remove it from your phone or computer and forget about it forever :).

IMO is a multi-user chat application used for connecting people from different countries and languages. It has become one of most popular apps in the world due to its unique way of functioning that allows users to communicate with each other face to face, without any additional charge or delay, despite how far they are apart physically!

This means that IMO is available 24/7 which means meeting new friends and partners on this app couldn’t be any easier!  

It also features many exciting games to interact with your friends in, such as Scratch Cards (better than scratch cards you get when buying ice cream) and Guess The Emoji (a fun game where you can guess what emoji your friend will choose by capturing images). 

There is also a feature called “Groups” where you can create groups for yourself or with friends and then unite to play exciting games together which allows you to make new friends easily. It’s just like the basic function of Snapchat, but much more useful since you can talk with all your friends using only one app.

This is not everything IMO has to offer! You’ll also be able to broadcast your live video in real time so that people around the globe can see what exactly are you doing at this moment! It’s like acting as a TV star without any additional equipment required!

If you think that these things sound too good to be true, then check it out by yourself right now :). And if it’s really worth trying then I’m sure you won’t regret it!  That’s why I recommend you to download the app now and enjoy its features by yourself :).

IMO is always first when it comes to new trends in the world of social networks. This means that they are on top of all technological developments and never lets their users be confused or taken aback by any changes. The latest update was made in order to improve the quality of the service even more, but due to an unexpected error, many users reported that deleting their accounts became impossible. It wasn’t a technical issue on IMO end, but rather is yet another attempt made by cyber-criminals whose goal is taking your personal information – your account and phone number.


How can I delete my IMO account without phone number?

Please install the imo app to your phone or tablet and make sure you have not already verified your account.

If you have, then please un-install and reinstall the imo app in order cause a new verification code to be generated for the account.

How can I open Imo account without number?

On your iOS or Android device, download the TextNow app and open it.

Create a free phone with the on-screen instructions by typing in your desired name and phone number.

Tap “Next” when you’ve completed the information section to add TextNow to contacts on your device, then tap “Done”. Finally, take note of this new person’s contact info under that number they just created–save them as someone who could be contacted at anytime by opening up IMO (or another chat service) and entering their newly generated phone number. You can now video call this person from within INMO for PC too!

Why can’t I delete my IMO account?

Tap on the icon in the lower left corner to open a menu. Choose Settings, go to IMO Account Settings, then select an option.