How can I delete my WhatsApp account without deleting it?

How do I temporarily deactivate Whats App?

Open the Whats App app and select ‘Account’. Select “Delete account.” After that, go to your phone’s settings under Android Apps > All Apps. Select Whats App and press the three-dot menu button. Select “Force Stop.” Then turn off ‘Background data’ (found in the Data section) before finally revoking all Whats App app permissions.

How can I delete my Whats App without deleting my account?

Visit the phone’s settings. Select data options from the menu. Disable background data and remove all permissions for Whats App from the data options.

How do you deactivate Whats App account for a while?

Delete your Whats App account. Go to the Settings menu Account and then Delete My Account. Enter your phone number in full international format and pick the Erase My Account option. Choose a reason for closing the account.

How can I delete my Whats App account automatically?

Go to Settings More options Account Delete my account. Fill in your phone number using the full international format and then hit the DELETE MY ACCOUNT button. In the drop down, choose a reason for why you’re deleting your account. Select DELETE MY ACCOUNT from the menu on the left.

What happens if I uninstall Whats App without deleting my account?

Even if you remove Whats App, neither will be harmed. This implies that when you reinstall Whats App, your account and privacy settings will remain the same. Similarly, the previously banned phone numbers will continue to appear in the block list.