How can I delete the payment entry in Tally 9?

How can I delete all entries in tally 9?

To delete an account, go to Gateway of Tally. List of Accounts F5: Unused ledgers are visible. Pick the ledgers you want to be deleted and press Alt+D. To continue, hit Enter.

What is the shortcut key to delete an entry in tally?

This is a tally delete key; if you want to remove an entry, use this shortcut key.

How can enable the Delete option in tally ERP 9 be?

Go to Gateway of Tally and select Application Uptime Monitoring. For Tally. Go to the Gateway of Tally and choose Application Uptime Monitoring from the drop-down menu. F11: Add-on Features Set “Yes” for the options “Enable Delete Control?” and “Enable Cancel Control?

How can I delete the purchase entry in Tally prime?

Select the entry you want to remove, and then press Alt+D to delete it from your list.

How can I delete a company in Tally 9?

To delete the group company, follow these steps: n1. In the Tally F3 (Comp Info) window, alter and select the group business. n2. To remove the firm, type Alt + D in the Group Company Alteration screen. n3. Confirm by pressing Enter.