How can I use same IMO account in two phones?

Can I use IMO on 2 devices?

Go to the top right corner of your screen and click the “Link accounts” button. (Note: This button will only appear once two or more accounts have been added to your IMO account.) When you link your accounts, you may automatically log in to all of them with one login by using this function.

Can you have the same app on two phones?

You can have the same applications on two Android phones if you just bought a second device. … As long as your apps are from the Android Market, you may do this via Android’s built-in app management tools, which you don’t have to pay for again.

How can I use IMO without phone number?

Install TextNow on your device. nOpen the TextNow app and create a free phone number. nOpen the TextNow app and write down your number. Use Your Free Textnow Number to Verify IMO Account. Install the Textfree App. Set up the Textfree App using this guide here. Note down your textfree number in case you