How can you tell if someone deleted their Instagram?

  1. To know for sure whether someone deleted their Instagram, you need to do some detective work. Visit a few of the user’s accounts that they follow and look for comments or likes they’ve left. If you find any, it confirms the post isn’t locked and going through this process indicates that they haven’t closed their account in order to block your opinion.

Steps on How can you tell if someone deleted their Instagram?

– /how-many-reports-does-it-take-to-close-an-instagram-account/”>Instagram deletes your account if you haven’t logged in for a month

– /how-do-you-delete-first-letter-search-on-instagram/”>Instagram sends out an email to confirm deletion of the account

– The only way to tell is by checking Instagram’s support page and looking at past logins or notifying them via DM


Can you see deleted Instagram accounts?

If you were the one who deleted your account, there’s no way to get it back. If someone else deleted it with your password, you can create a new account if the email address is still available.

Why is my deleted Instagram account still visible?

The likely cause of this is that the Instagram servers are still refreshing.