How do I cancel smule on Android?

How do you cancel a subscription on Smule?

Log in to your Smule account.

Click on the Profile icon found in the top right corner of your screen.

Select Account from the dropdown menu.

Scroll to Cancel Subscription, and hit Cancel Subscription again for full confirmation

How do I remove my credit card info from Smule?

Open the Google Play app.

On the top right, tap the profile icon or photo. Tap Payments and subscriptions Payment methods More. Payment settings. Once you are signed in to your Google account (or if asked to sign in), Under “Payment method that you want to remove,” on the left side of this menu box, tap Remove .

Can I cancel Smule after free trial?

To cancel your subscription, go to the Smule website. Click your profile in the top right corner. Select ‘Account’ from the dropdown. Click ‘Cancel’ next to your subscription.

How do I find my Smule account?

Go to your profile page and check out your username (it should be under your picture). You can also go to Facebook settings and see it there. Or after you record a song and save it, you’ll see your username in the video.

How do I get a refund from Smule?

Due to the heightened security features in recent iOS and MacOS operating systems, we have had to change settings so that iTunes & App Store purchases can be password protected. If you would like your purchase refunded, please take a screenshot of the receipt for the purchase and send it our team. This will allow us to accurately process your request for a refund.