How do I cancel tidal on Iphone?

How do you cancel your tidal subscription?

In your browser, open Tidal and log in if you are not already signed in to your account.

Click the icon at the top left, then select “Manage Subscription.” …

On the page that opens on for “Your Subcription,” click “Cancel my subscription”

How do I cancel my tidal Apple account?

Log in, click ‘My Collection’, then go to ‘Settings’. From there select ‘Edit Profile’ and make sure you check the subscription box. Clicking on the link that says “Cancel Subscription” will cancel your online service.

Why is tidal so expensive iPhone?

The in-app purchase subscription cost differs from the subscription price on because of the Apple service fee imposed for using their service, according to a statement by Tidal

The potential issues people might have with subscriptions through iTunes are due to the 30% service fee that Apple charges us,” a statement on read. “Despite our best efforts and reasoning with them, they will not change this practice which we see as unfair and punitive to all other services including their own music streaming competitors like Spotify.”