How do I change the position on my HUDL?

How do I change my HUDL coach?

Log in to, then hover over Team and choose to Manage a Team. Select Coaches from the drop-down menu. Choose the coach whose information you’d like to change. Edit his or her profile by clicking Edit. Is it difficult to modify a coach’s email address or password?

How do you move clips on HUDL?

Create a new library in by logging in and selecting Manage Library under Videos. Select the video you wish to move by clicking the box next to it. Select Move. Choose season, event, and type of video from the drop-down menus. Save may be used to save videos at any time before they are moved across devices

How do I put a circle around my HUDL?

To make the spot shadow, drag it over yourself. To fit the shadow to your face, pinch it or rotate the arrow. In the bottom right corner, choose Circle or Arrow.

How do I change from varsity to JV on HUDL?

From, click the button in the upper left corner and select Manage Team. Select Manage Team from the drop-down menu that appears when you hover over Team. Check the box next to any athletes who need to be added to another team. Select Add Members from the drop-down menu. Selecting a different team.

What can coaches do on HUDL?

Instruct your team to first create an account on Coaches. me, which is free and may be used by teams of any level. After that, create a coaching profile for each member of staff who can help manage the team (for example, if they’re good at the organization). Change the name, contact information, or account privileges of a coach.