How do I close my Etsy shop in 2019?

How do I close my Etsy shop permanently?

Go to and sign in. Select You under Your Account on the left-hand menu. On the drop-down menu, select Account Settings. Click Privacy under Account Settings to expand your options. Request deletion of your data by selecting Permanently close and delete my Etsy account from the drop-down menu below Request deletion of your data.

How do I close my Etsy shop on the app?

Log into your Shopify account and click the “Shop Manager” icon in the upper-right corner. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu, then pick “Options. Go to the “Closed Shop” tab, then click “Close Store. At the top-right of your screen,

Can I hide my Etsy shop?

You may conceal your sold listings page from your store by following these two steps. Settings Options Manager Shopping. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the Sold Listings section. “Do you want customers to be able to see these?” Select the radio button for “Yes, hide them.

What happens if you delete your Etsy account?

You may close your Etsy account and become inactive on the site, but you can rejoin with your account settings intact by signing in. All data from your Etsy account will be deleted if it is permanently erased.

What happens when I close my Etsy shop?

After your shop is no longer in operation, it may take some time for our system to complete your request. With no visible store, your Etsy account will be disabled and made buyer-only. You can continue to access your prior purchases, as well as reopen your store at any moment.