How do I deactivate a ps3 from my account?

Can I deactivate my PS3 account from a computer?

Sony PlayStation 3 gaming consoles can be deactivated with the XMB or through your computer. Sony gives you options for how to deactivate purchases on your account, wipe an account that includes any video or game purchase from all devices at once, or just restrict access to certain games and videos.

What does deactivating a PlayStation device do?

If you are no longer using your PS4 because you have replaced it, or given it away, then you need to deactivate the new console so that the account is associated with nothing.

What happens when you deactivate PS3?

In order to delete PSN content from a PlayStation 3 or PSP, you will need to deactivate your system. After you do this and try loading any game that was previously downloaded, it won’t work. To reactivate your account so the games can be played again, simply re-activate your system.