How do I delete an old email address from iCloud?

How do I remove an old email address from iCloud?

To remove an email address from iCloud, go to Settings. scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords. Tap iCloud in the left column. Tap Contact Information in the right column. Tap Remove Email Address in the lower right corner of the screen. select Delete at the top of the window if you wish to remove it permanently or simply

How do I delete an additional email address from my Apple ID?

Open your Apple ID account page and log in. select Edit from the Account menu. to remove one of your spare email addresses, select next to it.

How do I delete obsolete email addresses?

TYPE the name of the individual whose email address you want to update in the white search bar with your Google Contacts open. … Click the checkbox over the incorrect/old email address. Click the trashcan [Delete] icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Is it possible to change iCloud email address?

You can’t change your iCloud email address. You may only establish a new Apple account using your preferred email address, and you must migrate all data from the old account to the new one manually.

How do I delete an iCloud email alias?

Selecting the Action pop-up menu is the easiest way to access this screen. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu in the sidebar. Accounts are selected by doing so. Select an alias from the Addresses list, then do any of the following: Turn off an alias: Choose “Disable alias.” Delete an alias: Click