How do I delete backed-up photos from Gmail?

Can I delete photos after Google backup?

The Google Photos app’s “Free Up Space” function is the safest method to delete pictures from your phone. This choice will remove only those photographs and videos that have been successfully backed up to your account in the cloud.

Can you delete photos from Gmail?

Go to on your computer. Trash is the action to take.

Why can’t I delete photos from my Google account?

You must clear the cache for the gallery app that is having difficulties. If your issue occurs with Google Photos, for example, you should erase its cache. Clear the caches of any other gallery apps if necessary. You should also clear the cache for your media library.

Can you delete backed-up photos?

Use Photos’ storage management tool to see if any of your backup photographs or videos are worth keeping by locating items that you might want to remove, such as blurry pictures, captures, and big movies.

Where do photos go when permanently deleted?

Your photo will vanish from view after that. However, it is not completely gone. Instead, the picture is delivered to the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app, where it remains for 30 days. You have 30 days to retrieve a photo from the Recently Deleted collection on your phone.