How do I delete duplicate contacts in iCloud?

How do I delete multiple duplicate contacts?

Tap on the account you’d want to delete the duplicate contacts for. Within the application, press the Find Duplicates button. The program will display all duplicates and similar contacts in your list once the scan is finished. Select Delete Duplicates from the drop-down menu, and the app will remove any duplicates that were discovered.

How do I delete multiple duplicate contacts on my iPhone?

Open a web browser on the iPhone and log in using your Apple ID and password at, you’ll see that some of the contacts are duplicates, that the contacts are always organized alphabetically, and that you may use shift to select subsequent contacts; then start tapping/clicking on each contact until all duplicate.

Why are my iCloud contacts duplicates?

If you have recently set up numerous Google/iCloud/Exchange accounts in your contacts and are now getting duplicate entries in the native Contacts app on your phone (the address book supplied by your smartphone), it’s likely that you have more than one source contributing to your Contacts app.

How do I delete duplicate contacts?

Tap on the menu button in your Contacts app. Select “Merge accounts” from the menu, then “Merge from Google.” Tap “OK” after that and all of your contacts will be combined. This action will combine the accounts in order to eliminate duplicate contact information due to multiple accounts.

Can I merge duplicate contacts on iPhone?

Open your Contacts. Tap the contact you wish to combine other contacts with. Edit it. Link your contacts by tapping Link Contacts at the bottom of the screen. Select all duplicate contacts and then tap Done.