How do I delete my amino?

To delete your Community, please log into ACM. Once you’re logged in, click the Customize tab and then select More Options > Delete Amino. You will be asked for your password before deletion is possible. If your Community exceeds 1,000 messages If or you members, please want to delete consider finding a new your community, go leader to AC to manageM it and before select following Custom theseize steps.. Click More Options and then how-do-i-delete-an-amino-account-from-my-computer/”>Delete Amino. If the community is too big or active, we ask for a replacement leader in Settings > Community Management.


Why can’t I delete my amino account?

To delete your account, click “Delete Account.” After 7 days, your account will be closed. If you are unable to delete your account for any reason, please contact us at Support and we will assist you.

How do I delete all amino posts?

Tap the “…” in the top right corner. Select


on the menu option that pops up. (Note that you can only

delete posts

that you have made. You cannot


other members’



How do you delete photos on amino?

Drag and drop photos to change their order, or tap the trash icon to remove them.

How do I get unbanned from amino?

You can appeal bans by emailing [email protected] with your account link and reasoning on why it should be restored.